Helping customers building a lithium - electric smart factory tetralogy

YH Technology

On the afternoon of January 22,2018, Shenzhen battery industry association hosted the Shenzhen Battery 2018 Annual Summit with the theme of "New era, New departure, New development of safety escort industry", which was held in the studio of Shenzhen radio, film and television group. Leaders of relevant government departments, top experts and scholars at home and abroad, industry leaders, as well as young enterprise, think tanks and media organizations attended the summit. The summit has attracted high attention from industry insiders and businesses. Dr. He Siqing, CTO of Yinghe Technology attended the conference and expounded his views.


In the dialogue of the industry elite, Dr. He Siqing introduced the technological advantages and R&D strength of Yinghe Technology. As a comprehensive supplier of lithium electrical equipment, Yinghe Technology not only provides customers with the solution of intelligent production line of lithium electrical equipment, but also provides the intelligent equipment needed for the whole production line.In the development process of Yinghe Technology, the first point is accurate positioning, committed to become a top supplier in the industry, and to assist customers to create products with excellent performance; Second, clear thinking, gathering industry talents,walking in the development of technology on the "joint fleet" road.  In just a few years, Yinghe Technology has integrated a number of excellent professional R&D enterprises in the industry into its subsidiaries. These subsidiaries have their own special expertise in understanding lithium electrical equipment, and are specialized in researching and developing the lithium electrical equipment , which provide a solid equipment foundation for the whole line solution of Yinghe Technology.

How to help customers achive intelligent manufacturing and build smart factories is the topic of this summit. Doctor He Siqing introduced four aspects from the technical level:

Firstly, providing customers with excellent performance of Single machine lithium electric intelligent equipment, which is an important basis for intelligent manufacturing. Yinghe Technology adheres to the concept of "innovation-driven development", invests in technological innovation, builds a complete technological innovation system, focuses on the research and development of various lithium electrical equipment, and ensures the reliable and efficient operation of equipment. Many of the new energy automatic production equipment developed by Yinghe Technology independently have been leading domestic and foreign counterparts, and some products have filled the gap in the domestic and foreign markets. Currently, Yinghe Technology has become a national high-tech enterprise and a key enterprise of the state torch program, with over 500 independent intellectual property rights, including over 100 invention patents.

Secondly, building an intelligent production line for customers is the fundamental way to realize intelligent manufacturing. Yinghe used AGV and sensor technology, and some special automation devices developed for lithium electrical equipment to "connect" various discrete single lithium electrical intelligent equipment, and realized seamless joint of the upper and lower processes from the process to form an automatic intelligent production line.At present, Yinghe Technology already has the practice experience of more than 20 complete line.

Thirdly, building intelligent workshop for customers is the concrete embodiment of intelligent manufacturing. Shenzhen Huihe, a subsidiary of Yinghe Technology, focuses on the development of MES system in the lithium power industry. In the same workshop, through MES system, automatic production scheduling and reasonable scheduling of multiple production lines can be achieved, which can significantly improve production efficiency of production lines.

Fourthly, building smart factories for customers is the ultimate goal of intelligent manufacturing, and Yinghe are actively exploring it. At the same time, this is what we will achieve in the future. In the aspect of building digital intelligent factory, Yinghe Technology has achieved initial results through the unremitting efforts of technical personnel, and basically realized information sharing and collaborative operation among multiple workshops.


In the future, Yinghe Technology will focus on building a national-level manufacturing innovation center in the new energy sector to help customers achieve excellence and achieve the strivers' dreams, said Dr He Siqing.