Yinghe Dongjiang Industrial Park started construction, Huizhou municipal party secretary Chen Yiwei visited the park

YH Technology

In the morning of February 24, 2018, Yinghe Group held the opening ceremony of "Yinghe Dongjiang Industrial Park" in Dongjiang technology park, Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou city.

At 9 am, Chen Yiwei,Huizhou secretary of municipal party committee, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of Huizhou,Mayor of Huizhou,Mai Jiaomeng, deputy director of the standing committee of huizhou people's congress and secretary of the party group ,Zhang Ying,; deputy secretary of huizhou municipal party committee and secretary of the political and legal committee,Li Min.Chen Gaoyan, deputy mayor of Huizhou City,and Yang Pengfei,secretary of the Huizhou High-tech Zone Committee,came to the site of the Yinghe Donghe Industrial Park.

Chairman Wang Weidong reported the operation and development of Yinghe Technology and the specific planning and construction progress of Yinghe Dongjiang industrial park to the municipal party committee and municipal government leaders.Secretary Chen Yiwei expressed his appreciation of the development plan of Yinghe Technology.

The total investment of the Yinghe Dongjiang Industrial Park Project is estimated to be 2 billion yuan , covering an area of about 213,000 square meters and a total construction area of about 376,000 square meters. Three modern plants , research and development office buildings , data exchange center, lecture hall and exhibition hall are planned in this area.The core parts of the project include lithium battery automation equipment production line construction project,which includes new energy industry supporting integration intelligent manufacturing base project and intelligent factory and operation management system demonstration project,and semiconductor equipment project.After the completion of the project construction, the overall technical capacity, delivery capacity and service capacity of Yinghe Technology will be further enhanced and lead the trend of the trend of industrial  development .