Yinghe Technology helps schools to build

YH Technology

On the afternoon of May 7th, Huizhou municipal committee of The Jiusan Society and Huizhou Yinghe Technology Co., LTD donated books to Huinan experimental school. The donation ceremony was held in Huinan Experimental School of Zhongkai high-tech zone.Deputy minister of the united front work department of the municipal party committee, director of the Bureau of Religious Affairs Peng Huajun,Chairman of Jiusan Society Huizhou city committee , deputy secretary of Municipal People's Congress Yu Jialiang,Chairman and President of Yinghe Technology Wang Weidong,Tang Qiaoming, member of the party committee of Huinan science and technology park and deputy director of the management committee. Member of the party committee of huinan science and technology park, member of Comission for Discipline and Inspection and chairman of the trade union and other officials attended the event.

At the ceremony, Huizhou Yinghe Technology Co., Ltd together with Huizhou municipal committee of Jiusan Society donated 10,000 books, valued at 200,000 yuan, to Huinan Experimental School. And then Peng Huajun, Yu jialiang, Wang Weidong and Liu Jianbiao jointly unveiled the reading room of Huinan Experimental School.

Wang Weidong, chairman of Yinghe Technology, said in his speech that the completion of the Huinan Experimental School solved the  schooling problem of employees of the Huinan science park and provided a very strong support for introducing talents of company. As a company with a sense of social responsibility, Yinghe Technology has been spending all effort in giving back to the society and undertaking social responsibilities. In June 2016, Yinghe technology donated 30 computers for teaching to the school to help build information-based classrooms and promote information-based teaching in Huinan Primary School.This time, Yinghe technology united Jiusan society to help build a scholarly campus, aiming to improve the running conditions and education quality of Huinan Experimental School, so that students can enjoy better education resources.In the future, Yinghe Technology will also pay attention to the development of the school and the healthy growth of students. Yinghe will work together with all teachers and students to build the school into an ideal paradise for the growth of children.

Yu Jialiang said the Huizhou municipal committee of the Jiusan Society will work under the guidance of Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.The Jiusan Society will continue to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, adhere to the principle of "do your best, do what you can, focus on key points and pay attention to practical results", establish and improve the working mechanism of social services, improve the level and effect of services, and promote the sustainable and effective implementation of social services. 

As the saying goes, "Grateful for favors received”. Yinghe Technology has always been committed to giving back to the society, constantly giving back to the society through public welfare and charity, giving thanks to the society, and making contributions to the development of the society by assuming social responsibilities.