YingHe shows up at THE BATTERY SHOW EUROPE--Entering the international market, Opening global procurement model

YH Technology

On May 15 to 17, 2018 THE BATTERY SHOW EUROPE was grandly held at THE exhibition center in Hanover, Germany. As Europe advanced battery industry professional exhibition, this exhibition gathered high quality manufactures, technical research and development companines, purchaser and technical experts from the battery industry in Asia, North America and Europe, focusing on electric vehicles, power storage and portable electronic devices, etc., the latest energy storage application solutions, and the latest battery manufacturing solutions, cutting edge technology.


YH Technology combining the theme of "intelligent manufacturing", selecting the most advanced intelligent production equipment of lithium electricity developed independently, and the latest intelligent digital factory solutions  unveiled in this event.

After more than 10 years of dedicated research and development, YH Technology has reached the domestic leading level, and the comprehensive performance of some products has surpassed Japan and Korea, leading the technological trend of the industry.

YH Technology went abroad this time and attended the European battery exhibition, committed to promoting Chinese technology to the international market, so that global customers can better understand Chinese technology and recognize Chinese manufacturing.

During the visit to Germany, YH core technology team also conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges with the German cutting-edge research institute of lithium power technology and the supplier of core components of lithium power equipment, and comprehensively promoted the implementation of the global procurement strategy.