CIBF2018 YingHe Technology releases new products--The world's leading technological innovation

YH Technology

On May 22, The 13th China International Battery Fair,Hereinafter referred to as "CIBF2018" had grand opening at ShenZhen Exhibition Center. As the largest battery industry expo in the world, this exhibition had attracted more than 1,000 battery and related equipment enterprises from home and abroad to participate, focusing on the great achievements made by the global battery industry in the past two years.


YH technology, together with its subsidiaries Areconn, Hehe, Longhe, Huihe and its strategic partners Xin Pu and Ding Li, selecting the latest research and development lithium battery intelligent production equipment, and the latest upgrade of intelligent digital factory solutions was presented at the grand meeting, which had attached more than 200 battery companies from Europe, America, Japan, Korea and home. A number of customers who had learned about YHwins at the just concluded European battery show , also made a special trip to visit YH booth.


New product launch

In this new product launch meeting, YHwins  is proud to introduce the following new products


Coating roller machine


Area density: single side < ± 1.0%, double side < ± 1.2%,CPK>1.67

The phenomenon of edge crack of the pole piece is solved 100%

24 hours without downtime


MAX cylindrical winding integrated machine


Production efficiency: 33PPM

pass rate : 99.9%

Hot hole rebound rate "0"


MAX Digital production winding machine


The production efficiency 15PPM

Line speed: 800mm/s

Coating accuracy<±0.3mm

Pass rate99.5%


MAX laser winding machine


Winding speed 1500mm/s

Laser high speed edgeless cutting, 60m/min

Tension control fluctuation is small, 5%

High coating accuracy, ±0.2mm


Die-cutting and lamination machine


100% without pieces

Integrated integration, occupying only 1/2 of a single machine

Effectively control electrode damage and remove powder to improve safety

Efficiency: die-cutting 120~150pcs/min, Stacking 0.25~ 0.3s/slice

The cost-saving ratio is 20%

Digital factory

The display of digital factory is the highlight of YH Technology technology in this exhibition. Delivered digital factory case were lively demonstrated, using the Internet, cloud services, 3 d virtual simulation, information physical systems (CPS) and large data analysis and other advanced technology, buliding lithium battery manufacturing digital factory from the digital analysis and design, lean manufacturing, operations wisdom in whole life cycle of operations and equipment, quality control. It is worth mentioning that the assembly and machine shop of YHwins have taken the lead in digital management.


 To be the topest in the worldwide,or be an outsider 

YH technology, the power battery intelligent production line solutions, providing more professional personalized and exclusive services for customers! Facing the future, the company will unswervingly make the intelligent equipment industry stronger and bigger, adhering to the research and development concept of "either don't do it, do it first in the world", and keep innovating to lead the technological trend and become a Chinese-made manufacturing beyond the international level. Helping customers excellent and contributing to the national equipment industry!