Mrs. Ruan Danlin of YingHe Technology: innovation leads the intelligent manufacturing of lithium electricity.

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Mrs. Ruan Danlin, the Vice President of marketing of Yinghe Technology Co., Ltd

On May 22, the "2018 First New Energy Vehicle and Power Battery (CIBF Shenzhen) International Exchange Conference" was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Ruan Danlin, Vice President of marketing of Yinghe Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the theme forum of “Power Battery Industry Chain Special Session – Break through the shackles and achieve win together”. The following is the speech:

Mrs. Ruan Danlin, the Vice President of marketing of Yinghe Technology Co., Ltd:

Good morning, dear guests and leaders. It is my honor to share with you our YINGHE Technology on smart devices of lithium battery. The theme of my report is "Innovation Leads Smart Manufacturing of lithium battery ".

The speech is divided into three themes: the first point is the status quo of the intelligent production line and industry analysis; second, the second is to innovate and break through the core technical difficulties; the third topic is Yinghe Technology will promote the development of lithium battery intelligent manufacturing industry to achieve win-win cooperation

In 2007, it was a chance that I entered the lithium battery industry from the automotive industry. In the past ten years, I have witnessed the development of lithium batteries. Let's look at the status of the intelligent production line and status of the industry.

When it comes to smart equipment, everyone will think of our automotive industry. For the current smart factory, the automotive industry is a trend. What the current human-computer interaction achieves now is that when people do not enter the production area, the equipment is in accordance with the 100% production efficiency and the safety scope is relatively large. And when the personnel and the machine coordinate together in a scope, the state of adaptation and the relative safety and cooperation of personnel will be achieved, which is what the German automobile industry can achieve now.

Let's take a look at the extent to which lithium battery equipment is now. It took us 15 years to increase the automation degree of the lithium battery equipment industry  from 10 to 30 percent to 70 percent from artificial area. In the process of automatic production line from single machine to automatic production line, why is there such a big gap between the production line of lithium battery and the current automobile. Although our battery manufacturing is also a combination of process manufacturing and piecemeal manufacturing, the technological process is complex, and the plan is difficult to control. This process is completely different from the conventional workshop in the auto manufacturing industry in processing, assembling and debugging.

When we are doing the intelligent manufacturing plant of the battery, we will also pay more attention to how the order is delivered and how to reduce waste in the factory process. These aspects have certain differences and synergy with our auto industry.

Second, we are based on pioneering 、 innovating and breaking through technical difficulties. Founded in 2006, Yinghe technology has established several subsidiaries company, ARECONN develops and manufactures coating machine, front end equipment of lithium battery production, and MAX produces soft packing lithium battery assembly line, and Hehe automation and Huizhou YingHe .

The extrusion coating machine is a double-release double-receiving and full-extrusion coating machine. Our coating machine can realize high-speed long-distance ratio. We are more concerned about the quality of coating after drying. Our machine is unique and novel with independently developed drying oven flow field. The even edge of drying is not cracked or rolled. It has changed from an era of imitation and improvement to a completely independent research and development. We have a special doctoral team to analyze the convection field, and design the air duct, pipeline and heat field forward, which is the independent research and development state of the coater.

Because of the stability of the flow field analysis, we can guarantee that it is 0.3m/s or less. We are doing simulation, and finally we are looking at the state of the product. We are more concerned about the actual data of customers' feedback. We are more concerned about our equipment manufacturing process capability. Because the equipment is designed for the final product to achieve good production and process control, we make the matching according to the requirements of the core process of auto key parts.

This is the video of the double-layer extrusion coating machine that we photographed at one of the customers. We can look at the roller press again. The actual roller pressure is much lower than the precision requirement, so the actual accuracy will be higher if the standard is set as less than or equal to the required precision initially.

For the roller press machine, we are also concerned about the machining accuracy and assembly accuracy, as well as the unique stretch and wrinkle removal technology in the continuous coating process, which is also a relatively difficult point for us to solve in the roller press industry. In this process, we have conducted experiments on materials and process properties to verify the compaction ratio and substrate coordination to achieve the surface stability after the roller is finished.

High-speed slitting machine can also achieve double-releasing、 double-receiving and 24-hour non-stop working. Everyone may pay attention to cutting burrs. This is the patented invention of the independent cutter, which is the vacuuming mechanism in our slitting machine.

If the three machines are connected together, you can think about what kind of state it may be. The roller machine is integrated, why do we have to integrate the machines together? From the calculation point of view, the cost of the whole machine is reduced, the winding mechanism is reduced, and the docking AGV is reduced. The procurement cost of the investment will be greatly reduced, and the whole equipment will be integrated into a whole section. If we integrate the machines together, the layout will be more compact and the energy consumption of the environmental control will be reduced by 75%. We integrate machines to reduce material loss during rewinding and unwinding. At the same time, in this process, the process of personnel contact with the pole piece is reduced, and the possibility of contact with foreign objects is reduced.

What happens if you put three machines together? Will there be repeated calculations that will cause the processing rate of the whole machine to decrease? In the process, we have also argued that when the machine is put together, where the addition of some auxiliary mechanism can improve the processing rate of the whole machine. There are some exhibition sites in the exhibition room. Welcome to the booth No. 27 of Hall 9 to see the roller coating slitting machine.

The laser shaped lug machine is more related to winding and slicing. It has several technical indicators that you will be more concerned about, such as efficiency. Now the machine can achieve bilateral endless material cutting, reaching 60m/min. For the laser shapped lug machine, in the opinion of our equipment manufacturer, it is not completely the verification of the new process and the development of the equipment. For the introduction of new material system and new process, we are more concerned about the impact of product quality on customers after we finish this product . What does the laser ear molding machine mean and represent for battery product safety in the case of high-speed ear? In the field of new energy vehicles, this has become closely related to the safety of personnel. We worked with the world's leading laser institute to find out that burrs are produced by dissolving, and the ones we see now are still produced by dissolving and reuniting. And the same is true for the thermal areas, and we'll talk to them and analyze them to seewhether the thermal areas are changing color or if this part is going to have the effect on the structure of the crystal. The above is the research and development project of this machine. This machine's dust control and whole machine control are also relatively important, which are also several main research topics in the process of doing this project with the institute of laser science and technology. We first analyze why vertical cutting is made in the laser cutting link, and how is the cleaning, sealing and flow rate of this link designed? The inside design can be seen through the forward simulation.

This is the real shot of the customer who is in use. The winder is also the core equipment for the manufacture of lithium batteries. The most important thing for the winder is the efficiency. Our winder can already achieve 1.5m/s, in addition to the speed. There are tension fluctuations. Everyone knows that tension fluctuations are on the back of the battery. It may appear from here. The tension fluctuation is our core R&D organization, and the tension fluctuation is reduced as much as possible. The tension fluctuation can now reach 5% or less. This is the number of measured field tension fluctuations. There is also the safety. The high requirement for the accuracy of the battery winding cladding is now less than or equal to plus or minus 0.2mm. This is the accuracy of our cladding at the customer's site. As you can see, the battery coils are very good.

What is the advantage if the laser pole former and the winder are combined? This is the video of the winder. After the two machines are merged together, the combination of the two processes can significantly reduce the footprint to 50% of the original, and the logistics is reduced by 60%, and the cumulative effect of the two machines is significantly less than that of an integrated machine. The reduction of personnel costs and the reduction of local control energy consumption are also advantages of the integrated machine. The combination of two machines can also prevent the staff from frequently contacting with the pole to cause pollution to the pole, and reduce the impact of multiple rewind and rewind on the bending degree of inner coil diameter.

Third, the intelligent manufacturing of lithium battery is inseparable from the basic part, such as control system PLC, sensor, RF technology, bar code technology, including automated processing equipment and transportation equipment, which are sensor basic data extracted from the intelligent factory base layer. We are also working with top European institutions on joint development of key components, so that the industry can take the lead, which is what the lithium battery factory has achieved. For example, at the production execution level, equipment data extracted by the operators will be sent to the middle level for data analysis and improvement activities, and the middle level will formulate production standards through management cost and other controls. Therefore, the production failure rate data in the entire production line plays an important role in the monitoring, analysis and decision-making of the entire production battery.

People are more concerned about the return of people, machine, materials connecting to the technical information and environments. including personnel reduction, personnel and equipment interaction, and whether the machine is environmentally friendly. Whether the machine is environmental-friendly is reflected by energy consumption and ring control, these indicators have become the core index in our workshop to judge the key production factors, so the machine environment protection can now be realized. On this basis, what needs to be done on the original basis when we propose the digital factory solution? The answer is that we need to introduce CAD and CAE technologies in the equipment and production test, and integrate our research and development, test and production into information technology, which is of practical significance to the whole production order and material consumption.

On the industrial Internet platform, YINGHE Technology has also done a lot of research and development , such as the access of communication devices at the bottom level, such as the edge layer, application development and data analysis of intermediate cooperation platforms, including design management at the top level. This is something we have not done yet, but we are working on this direction. What we want to achieve is flexible production, so in the process of manufacturing, we need to focus on the modeling of process routes and application layer.

For the customer layer and the bottom layer, the bottom layer is responsible for PLC, data is collected to the middle layer for data exchange, and then reaches the monitoring layer through the data protocol exchange module. And that's a very simple explanation of what I just showed for you.

Since we plan to do intelligent flexible production lines, in terms of the construction of intelligent factory, we will make great efforts to accelerate the speed of customers by R&D. For example, we can meet the requirements of refueling and customization in the production process. And the development of intelligent flexible production line has high requirements on the change of production line and production line equipment. In the process, we believe that flexible production lines and customization require future digital factories, equipment, personnel and production management sites to work together.  

We are now cooperating with the most well-known European institution, such as the Laser Research Institute and Germany's top R&D institutions, so as to introduce some new theories to solve the technical problems in the current production and production process. The core components are also been explained briefly to everyone. We believe that in the core components, we and the core component manufacturers grow together and develop core components jointly, which is good for the production process and adaptability.   

Let's work together to promote the process of smart equipment in the lithium battery industry. Thank you.

Source: Battery China Network