Directly Striking the Pain Point of Stacking Technology ,YINGHE Technology Wins the head start


The integration of equipment has become an important step for domestically produced equipment to lead the world.

At present, the stability and maturity of domestic single equipment can compete directly with European and American equipment, and the upgrade of equipment integration plays an important role in improving manufacturing efficiency, reducing production costs, and saving energy and reducing consumption.

Since 2017, after achieving the ability to deliver turnkey projects across the entire line, YINGHE Technology has begun to strengthen the R&D and technical strength of stand-alone equipment. During the CIBF exhibition this year, YINGHE Technology continuously released a variety of products such as Coating roller machine, MAX winding series, die-cut stacking machine.

Among them, the die-cut stacking machine, which is the original and domestically created by Hehe Technology Co., Ltd., is a product that is focused on the current market application pain points.


YINGHE Technology  die-cut lamination machine

One of the backgrounds of YINGHE Technology's die-cut stacking machine introduction is that, since 2018, soft-pack batteries have been significantly accelerated in power battery applications, which has increased opportunities in the field of associated equipment and as well as made weakness to become more and more prominent.

Whoever can truly solve the efficiency problem of soft package manufacturing can take the lead in the field of stacking  equipment.

leader of the soft pack power battery - a technical director of Fu Neng Technology told the GBII that the battery of the stacking process is obviously superior to the winding process in terms of safety performance and energy density, so , there is no doubt that the stacking technology will become the mainstream manufacturing trend of soft-pack batteries in the future. However, stacking  equipment still has shortcomings in terms of efficiency, overall automation etc.

As the above-mentioned people said, enterprises including Shanghai Kain, Tianjin Jiewei, Guoneng Battery, Yiwei Lithium and so on, which are involved in soft pack batteries, have indicated to GBII that the equipment has become a  big "blocker" to further expand the technical route of soft pack batteries.

Looking at the stacking  device of one of the core devices, there are still a series of problems.

First, the equipment efficiency is low. At present, the efficiency of the stacking  machine industry is generally 1~ 1.2 second/piece and there is still a big gap between the efficiency of the imported laminator of 0.2 second/piece.

Second, the continuous automation of the production line is low, the stability is low, and the consistency is poor. According to industry insiders, the current level of automation of the mid-section production line is still low, and the integrated automation program is not mature enough.

Third, the equipment is too large. Many battery manufacturers expect the automated stacking  machine to shrink by 20% in terms of footprint.

Fourth the bump, burr, dust caused by the transfer process of the material box, affects the pass rate and performance of the battery core.

In response to the above-mentioned pain points, YINGHE Technology has focused on the research and development of stacking  devices, and successfully developed a die-cut lamination integrated device.

The person responsible for the development of the equipment of Hehe Automation, one of  the subsidiaries of YINGHE Technology, told the GBII that this machine integrates two mature equipment, namely pole cutting and z-shaped stacking , onto one device to simplify loading and unloading operation procedures for production personnel, thus improving production efficiency and saving labor costs;  to achieve chip die-cutting without turnover through the material box, directly stacking , 100% without multiple chips in process; CCD real - time detection, on - line elimination of bad electrode. Through the improvement above, integrated integration is realized, covering only 1/2 of the space of a single machine. In addition, it can effectively control electrode damage and powder removal, and improve product safety.

In addition, compared with the current mainstream equipment in the industry, YINGHE Technology's die-cut stacking integrated machine has 6 obvious advantages:

First, the device parameters are intelligently monitored and the MES system can be uploaded. The scratching of the pole piece removed from the cartridge is eliminated from the process. Eliminate the need for multiple pieces of polar film; reduce the logistics and labor costs of the customer's cartridge.so, it is especially suitable for mass production lamination process.

Second, Perfect dust treatment structure and internal space isolation, polar disc cutting visual separation, stacking  before-angle detection, effectively ensure the core stack yield.

The third is the precise control of the tension and speed of the pole piece and the diaphragm; the new laminated structure ensures no scratches.

Fourth, the die-cutting module can be laser-cut or metal die-cutting.

Fifth, stacking  modules are available in a variety of configurations, including CCD or mechanical regulative plates, hot/cold cutting of diaphragm, three finishing methods, glue sticking/brushing; and other customized processes.

Sixth, a variety of configuration of the core cutting and flow mode.

GBII has learned that at present, the die-cut stacking  machine of YINGHE Technology has been gradually introduced into many domestic mainstream battery enterprises to achieve fast, stable and continuous production.

The person responsible for YINGHE Technology said frankly that although the integrated equipment is a major trend in the industry, as a newly developed model, the current market share of the die-cut stacking  machine is still relatively low. Customers still have concerns.

On the one hand, compared to the single machine that is more common in the current market, the die-cut l machine is astacking new product that takes time for customers to accept. On the other hand, the die-cut stacking  machine is a newly developed device, and there is still an immature place compared with the traditional single machine. Subsequent maturity will continue as the product is iteratively upgraded.

For the product positioning of die-cut stacking  equipment, YINGHE  Technology's idea is that as a lithium-ion equipment supplier that provides lithium-ion complete equipment, the die-cut lamination machine acts as a mid-range device, playing an inseparable role. The front end is docked with the roller press and the slitter, and the rear end is mated with the pairing and ultrasonic welding. With the development of Industry 4.0, the die-cut stacking  machine will realize automatic docking with the slitting machine, and the back end will be automatically docked by ultrasonic welding through the assembly line to realize unmanned intelligent manufacturing.

The idea of Wang Weidong, chairman of YINGHE Technology, is that the cornerstone of lithium-ion intelligent manufacturing is stand-alone automation. In order to lead the world in lithium-ion equipment, the first thing is to make high-end stand-alone equipment. Only when you focus on the stand-alone technology, can you have the opportunity to do segmentation integration and complete line integration, so that you have the opportunity to provide customers with a new model of the intelligent digital factory whole line solutions .

Source of manuscript:GBII