Yinghe Technology Won the Bid for a Large Order for Volkswagen's Core Lithium Battery Equipment, Empowering its 20GWh Gigafactory

Recently, Yinghe Technology won the bid for the 100 million-level order from Volkswagen in Germany, and will provide its 20GWh super factory (It will be expanded to 40GWh in the future.) with core lithium battery equipment and solutions for the production of lithium batteries. Volkswagen of Germany joined hands with Yinghe Technology for the first time, not a desperate attempt by one of the established giant car companies, but a high recognition of Yinghe Technology's brand strength and market performance. The two parties will work together to promote the construction of the Volkswagen Group's Salzgitter plant in Germany, accelerate the construction of its European battery center, and help the Volkswagen Group realize the grand blueprint for electrification transformation of the "NEW AUTO Strategy".


 Under the global wave of new energy, the Volkswagen Group is continuously increasing its battery-related business and plans to invest – together with partners - more than 20 billion EUR (about 216.5 billion Yuan) to build 6 large battery factories in Europe. Among them, the Salzgitter plant in Germany, which cooperates with Yinghe Technology, will play an important role and become the European battery center of the Volkswagen Group. Yinghe Technology will provide Volkswagen with its first mass production line in Europe, covering core production equipment and services for lithium batteries such as coating, laser cutting, lamination, etc., which will accelerate the process of Volkswagen Group's construction of a local battery supply chain in Europe and help it become a leader The world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer.

 A few days ago, the European Parliament decided to ban the sale of fuel vehicles in the EU by 2035. As the European continent draws closer to the end of fuel vehicle sales, the era of fuel vehicles may “end” earlier. Coupled with the rapid arrival of the era of Volkswagen's high-volume pure electric vehicles, Yinghe Technology won the bid for Volkswagen's orders, which is not only a model for China's lithium battery equipment companies to successfully "go global", but also marks that Yinghe Technology will be based in the core position area in the European market in the future , which will help European battery companies solve supply chain issues and become an important choice for European battery companies to speed up production capacity construction and release.


According to relevant forecasts, the sales of new energy vehicles in Europe will exceed 12 million by 2030. Before cooperating with Volkswagen, Yinghe Technology has been recognized by BMW, a world-renowned automobile company, in 2021. After more than a year of comprehensive evaluation and in-depth inspection of lithium battery equipment manufacturers by the BMW battery cell team, Yinghe Technology finally stood out from 8 companies in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, and became the only Chinese supplier of its front-end equipment.

In addition, with its overseas first-mover advantage and years of technical accumulation in lithium battery equipment, this year, it also won another cooperation with ACC, a leading European power battery manufacturer supported by French, German and European authorities. The multiple cooperation with global leading customers shows that Yinghe Technology can resonate with the mainstream European battery companies at the same frequency in terms of technical level, innovation capability, service efficiency, etc., and promote development together. With the acceleration of Yinghe Technology's overseas layout, it will show the world a stronger power of China's lithium battery equipment.