Yinghe’s Super Speed——LG Energy’s Multiple Production Lines Successfully Accepted in Advance

In Nov. 2022, LG Energy project team of Yinghe Technology successfully completed the acceptance of over a hundred 21700 high-speed cylindrical winding equipment, which acquired high recognition from customers. “This acceptance not only met the requirement for LG Energy to deliver two production lines in one month, but also create the fastest speed of acceptance for overseas customer”, the relevant person in charge stated.     

There is no doubt that the advanced and perfect delivery is inseparable from the long-term cooperation between both parties. It is reported that in 2018, Yinghe Technology has established a cooperation with LG Energy and jointly developed the worlds most efficient ultra-high-speed cylindrical winding equipment in just 8 months in 2019, which has been designated as dedicated model by LG Energy. In 2020, Yinghe Technology acquired the orders of 370 million cylindrical winding production lines from LG Energy. In 2021 and 2022, Yinghe continuously has been qualified as a core supplier of LG Energy for two consecutive years.  


21700 high-speed cylindrical winding machine

High efficiency, leading globally

The equipment is not only equipped with the fully new technologies of Yinghe Smarts original high-speed winding, high-speed electrode feeding, high-speed welding, etc., but also equipped with life monitoring for vulnerable parts in intelligent manufacturing to achieve the life upper limit reminders and ensure continuous and stable production. In terms of efficiency, the equipment can achieve the highest efficiency in the industry and the highest level of automation.

High stability, daily production reaching a historic high

The daily output of the equipment has also reached a historic high, with a yield rate of 99.8%, demonstrating excellent production stability and efficiency.

High automation, exclusive automatic roll changing technology application

Through the automatic roll change of electrodes, separators, tapes and tabs, the industrys first multi material rolls automatic exchange technology is developed for electrodes and separators with frequent material changes. It does not require manual intervention and can be exchanged without stopping for 8 hours. It has the advantages of high automation, flexibility, intelligence, and unmanned operation, which greatly improve the OEE of the equipment and save over 50% of manpower.     

High precision, significantly superior to the industry

In terms of accuracy control, the winding alignment of the battery cell controlled by the equipment winding snake-shape remains constant at ± 0.2mm, significantly superior to the accuracy of ± 0.3mm of current equipment standard in the industry.

High cleanliness, reach class6 level

Through FFU efficient air filtration system, a negative pressure closed-loop is formed to achieve a thousand level of cleanliness in the internal air of the winding to fully ensure the clean production of high quality cell.