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Overseas Marketing Manager




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1、 Industry and Customer Analysis: responsible for market environment and competitor information collection, industry development trend analysis, basic business data collation and key customer business development analysis;
2、 Sales planning and Analysis: according to the company business strategy to decompose the sales target, make the appropriate sales plan and pay attention to the change of sales data in real time, can independently complete the analysis report of the accurate sales business ;
3、Sales Implementation and Follow Up: regularly visit customers and collect customer information, analysis of customer operations and potential value, and responsible for new product business development, able to answer different customer questions, Timely understanding of customer requirements and the development of corresponding sales solutions;
4、 Order Management and Customer Complaint Management: responsible for order progress management, coordinate handling customer product complaints, collect customer feedback on products and coordinate the promotion of product optimization and improvement;
5、 Contract Negotiation and Payment Recovery: responsible for price negotiation of basic data collection and collation, contract review, contract signing and ensure the timely recovery of the payment.
Job requirements:
1、Bachelor Degree(unified recruitment),under 35 years old, English/Japanese/Korean/German conversation fluent, can be used as working language;
2、Familiar with lithium battery automation equipment, have a profound understanding of the industry, proficient in various sales methods and skills;
3、At least 5 years working experience in sales, including more than three years of sales in the lithium battery automation equipment industry;
4、Meticulous, rigorous, responsible, with good professional ethics, organizational concept and team spirit.
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